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Crossing the Sea of Cortez and sailing the Bay of Conception

The first couple days in San Carlos were a bit tough. I made the mistake of hardly eating a thing the day we flew in, and by the time we got to "shots" a bar and restaurant in San Carlos, it was too late. I got very light headed and felt like fainting. I never did, but i was lucky because I had just met the other two crew members, Lauren and Chelsea. Laurens dad owns a house about 5 minutes (walking) from the restaurant and I was able to go there with him and force down some carbs and gatorade to bring me back to life. It was so humbling to have met people like him, his daughter, and her friend Chelsea.Not to mention Seth, who was there for me the entire time. After a couple hours I was able to get in the car and make it back to the boat for the evening. Rough start to the trip to say the least. That, mixed with some anxiety has messed with me a bit for the last couple days, but I am adjusting now and am having a wonderful time.

We departed San Carlos yesterday 10/11 at 2 a.m. and crossed the Sea of Cortez some 80 miles in about 11 hours. We motorsailed across and averaged about 8.5 knots. Pretty good. The water was as smooth as Captain Bob has ever seen and it was a delightful cruise across. For awhile, we could see both the mainland and the Baja in the distance. Bob said we wouldn't see another boat the whole trip over and he was right. Not a one.

When we made it across, we came up on Bahia Concepcion` and there was a little sailboat right in the opening of the bay. We dropped the main and the genoa, and put up the spinnaker. It took a little while to get it up and going as Bob hadn't used it in over a year, but once we did- it was awesome. Until we jibed, that is. It took a few minutes to get the giant light wind sail across, and once we finally did Seth noticed the metal ring on the tack of the sail was broke at the weld so we had to drop it down. This was also not easy haha. But we got it down and stowed away and motored another 3 hours to the end of the bay and anchored out with a motorsailer and a motor cruiser in about 8 feet of water at Requisition. This is located right by a bar and restaurant in the middle of nowhere called Bueno Ventura. Bob knows the owners and their son, Nathan, who picked us up in his truck from our dingy to drive us a mile to his bar. We had a few drinks, smoked some cigars, and met some really cool people. We also had coconut shrimp tacos which were the best tacos I have ever had. Seriously. Fire. We left the bar by 8pm and I was asleep on the boat by 10.

I woke up at 6am this morning and watched the sun come up while sitting on the stern pulpit, doing a little early morning meditation and drinking my coffee. It was a perfect morning. We pulled up the anchors and motored 3 hours back to the mouth of the Bay of Conception. About an hour in I was at the helm and I killed the motor to stop and watch a family of sweet whale sharks swim around us. Hopefully I can get some pictures and videos up soon! We dropped anchor at the mouth of the bay about 30 yards from a beautiful beach and spent the day snorkeling, metal detecting, and talking with a liveaboard family on the beach who are anchored about 200 yards from us. We threw on a couple chickens on the grill and I'm about to chow down right now.

I have to apologize for the poor writing, as I'm using my phone as a hot spot and rushing through this to get it posted. I'll attempt to get my first video up again, but I'm not counting on it. Keep following and I promise to make the next post a little better :-) Adios amigos!

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T-minus 4 days

I decided to take a journey to the sea probably about 8 years ago. At that time, the plan was to go wherever I could get on a sailboat at, and to stay as long as my heart desired. Life, school, and a lack of funds kept preventing me from making my dream a reality. By the time my little brother/best friend was old enough and interested in sailing and travel as me, I realized he would be the perfect travel companion, and he agreed (likely over a glass of whiskey). With my sailing knowledge, his mechanical skills, and both of our love of people and travel, I knew we would make a great duo for any ships' captain. My plans for the journey have changed drastically since that first time the dream came into existence. Due to falling in love with my other best friend, Nicole, and her beautiful daughter Tenley, different adventures loom on my horizon. I have a set return date of 3 months after departure, which is a lot shorter than originally planned, but it's totally OK because I'm just as excited to come back and start a family with my Fiancee' and my future step-daughter. September 23, 2017 is an important date regarding that adventure! I never thought I would say that starting a family sounded as exciting as getting on a sailboat and seeing the world- but it's 100% true. I will miss my girls dearly while I'm gone, but this will be the last chance in my life that I get to do anything like this, and I know I will regret it forever if I don't attempt it.

We fly out of MCI Kansas City (Go Chieeeeefs!) the morning of November 9th, 2016 at 8 a.m. We have a 1 hour layover in Phoenix, AZ and then an hour and a half flight down to Hermosillo, Mexico. From there, Captain Bob will pick us up in his Honda Element and take us an hour and a half down to San Carlos where Viva a 47 foot catamaran awaits us. 2 other crew, Lauren and Chelsea will have been there 2 days already, provisioning with Bob for the next couple weeks. I have been in touch with Bob to let them know what Seth and I like to eat! I told him just fresh fish. Raw. With soy sauce and wasabi. I don't know a lot about Chelsea yet, but Lauren has been a professional chef for over 6 years, and that means everyone else on the boat hit the jackpot.

We will set sail (or motor-the winds are very light in the Sea of Cortez) at dawn on Thursday morning. If you look at the map within this website you can see most of our stops. Some are are so small and secluded they don't even pop up on GPS. Captain Bob has made this journey twice before, and knows it's secrets well. From what he tells me, we will be doing a lot of snorkeling, swimming, and fishing all the way down the Baja Peninsula. Sounds shitty huh? I am bringing along a metal detector that you can dive with, so expect me to come back with lots of neat treasures. Oh and don't worry, I will turn in anything of historical value. Unless it's really cool. I will be along for up to 3 months of this journey, and will go as far as Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Seth, on the other hand, will be staying for as long as the duration of the entire trip, all the way down to the Panama Canal! In reality, it could go either way for both of us. 3 weeks in and we could be exhausted and ready to go home-Not very likely, but who knows? All i know is that we are going for it!

I plan to post on here at least weekly and to upload video blogs as well. They won't be as detailed, but according to my buddy Austin, that's what people want to see! So, with Steve Martin's GoPro and an ass-ton of mounts, clips, floats, and a selfie-stick we named JEFF, I will attempt to document as much awesomeness as I can! I'll keep posting links via Facebook.

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